A-to-Be develops and deploys advanced tolling and mobility solutions across global transportation markets, in partnership with our clients to meet their individual needs. Part of Brisa Group, the largest private road operator in Portugal, and with its U.S. headquarters near Chicago, A-to-Be is an international company with solutions deployed across multiple states, countries, and continents. For over 40 years, A-to-Be has provided leading end-to-end tolling solutions, from the roadside to the backoffice and for all tolling modes, including RUC. With billions of annual transactions and millions of travellers using our systems internationally, we build innovative solutions, with exciting research lines. Mobility solutions, made together.

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Egis is an international player active in the consulting, construction engineering and mobility service sectors. We design and operate intelligent infrastructure and buildings capable of responding to the climate emergency and helping to achieve more balanced, sustainable and resilient territorial development.

With operations in 120 countries, Egis places the expertise of its 16,000 employees at the disposal of its clients and develops cutting-edge innovation accessible to all projects. Through its wide-ranging fields of activity, Egis is a central player in the collective organization of society and the living environment of citizens all over the world.

With more than 50 years’ experience and as a long term investor and developer, we are committed to deliver sustainable road, rail, cable car and airport infrastructures at all stages of our customers projects:

  - advisory
  - project structuring and financing
  - provision of turnkey technical solutions
  - daily operation and maintenance
  - asset management

Egis is a worldwide recognized and trusted partner, operating and maintaining over 4,500km of roads, bridges and tunnels and 17 airports.

Egis also supports major cities in the management of their Clean Air Zones and parking management & enforcement policies (Paris, Amsterdam, Manchester, Milton-Keynes, Viseu, etc).

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Movyon Spa – Autostrade per l’Italia Group

Movyon is a leading player in the development and integration of Intelligent Transport Systems, Tolling and Infrastructure Monitoring solutions and the centre of excellence for research and innovation of Autostrade per l'Italia group. The company operates in Italy and abroad, providing cutting-edge technological solutions for road and motorway infrastructure operators, public administrations and service providers, enabling them to guarantee the community an intelligent, sustainable and safe mobility.

Movyon solutions

* Traffic and Safety Management: Movyon advanced Traffic Management Platform, Weigh-in-Motion systems, Tunnel Management systems, solutions for tracking of dangerous goods and for infomobility services.

* Tolling: solutions to simplify and speed up toll payment, optimise the management of financial flows and maintenance-related information, as well as the systems status.

* Infrastructure Management: ARGO Platform for structural monitoring, inspection and management of infrastructures and solutions for the monitoring of the road pavement health conditions.

* Smart Roads: technologies to enable I2V (Infrastructure-to-vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle-to-everything) communication and to transform service areas in data-driven infrastructures.

* Smart City: solutions for optimised traffic management, access control, smart parking and satellite-based local public transport monitoring, together with an advanced control room able to provide Public Administration and mobility operators useful information to make decisions and ensure efficiency and sustainability in urban mobility.

* Movyon Electronics: the hub dedicated to the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for mobility, recently created by Movyon to expand its range of products and provide the market with increasingly integrated end-to-end solutions.

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A global leader in Advanced Traffic Monitoring Systems (ATMS), Valerann is redefining modern mobility, roadway operations and roadway safety by empowering road traffic authorities to make actionable, accurate and timely data-driven decisions.

Using historical and real time data from all available data sources – roadside infrastructure, floating data, connected vehicles, social media, crowdsourcing applications and even satellites, our advanced data engine leverages sophisticated proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms to extract value from big data to deliver a comprehensive easy to understand overview of real-time road traffic situation on a single pane of glass.

Road traffic authorities in Europe, the US and Latin America use Lanternn by Valerann™ to improve their real-time situational awareness for the entire road eco-system incl. main roads and arterials, reducing time required for detection and correct classification of road incidents to mitigate or prevent road accidents.

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Verra Mobility (NASDAQ: VRRM) is a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions that make transportation safer, smarter and more connected. The company sits at the center of the mobility ecosystem, bringing together vehicles, hardware, software, data and people to enable safe, efficient solutions for customers globally. Verra Mobility’s transportation safety systems and parking management solutions protect lives, improve urban and motorway mobility and support healthier communities. The company also solves complex payment, utilization and compliance challenges for fleet owners and rental car companies. Headquartered in Arizona, Verra Mobility operates in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. 

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As cities develop more highways, the noise created by these highways have a greater negative impact on the quality of life of the residents of these cities. Reducing the noise surrounding these highways has emerged as an important issue.

Instead of using concrete, aluminum or acrylic, HATKO repurposes old tires to produce noise barriers to be installed along highways, tackling two issues at once.

Repurposing end of life tires not only creates a circular and sustainable product, but it is the only noise barrier that does not require maintenance. Also, unlike other noise barriers, HATKO barriers can be recycled back into brand new noise barriers, creating an endless loop in terms of product life cycle.

Finally, our NET ZERO line is equipped with discrete solar panels, providing solar energy for highway lights and road signs. Our noise barriers generates enough electricity to power one highway lighting fixture.

Using HATKO noise barriers to decrease the noise levels around the highways as well as provide renewable energy for highway lights, help make cities and human settlements safer and more sustainable.

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IRIS is an infrastructure technology company with a mission to extend the life of the world’s infrastructure. Maintenance is critical to the safety and resilience of our infrastructure, yet most technology that gathers asset condition data is expensive or impractical at scale. Our award-winning solution enables infrastructure owners and operators to monitor concessions at a lower cost by using dash cameras with artificial intelligence (AI) to detect events, hazards, and defects in real time. Roadway data is automatically collected by patrol fleets equipped with our AI dashcams and is uploaded to our proprietary data pipelines where it is processed into actionable insights and visualised to our client’s existing systems, requirements, and workflows.  
Additional benefits to the technology include frequent reporting on industry standard pavement assessment indexes, right-of-way inventories and assessments and real time mobility data such as vehicle, ped and bike counts, all in one pass.

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Telepass S.p.A.
is an Italian firm operating in the industry of app-based mobility services for urban and suburban areas. It wishes to create an ecosystem of services offering both companies and individuals an ever-growing number of options for an integrated, flexible, safe and sustainable mobility.

Telepass is also known for being an active company in motorway e-toll system collection, management, and commercialization. During the 1990 World Football Cup played in Italy, the Telepass device was the first system allowing to pay motorway tolls. For the first time, the system allowed transit through the dedicated gates without stopping at toolbooths, with direct debits to one's bank or postal account, or through credit cards.
Along the traditional offer related to motorway e-toll collection, Telepass has added nearly 30 additional services over time, linked to new mobility styles, and today it offers an ecosystem of services as one of the leading payment operators in the mobility sector.
With 7 million clients and over 10 million devices in circulation on more than 170,000 kilometers of motorway networks in 14 European countries, Telepass is among the European leading companies operating in e-toll services. With over 8 billion euros of ETC transactions, Telepass is the leader in e-toll collection services in Europe, with 30% of market share.

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Autopay Mobility has been operating on the Polish market since 2019, providing services related to the automation of payments for tolls and other services in the Mobility sector via the Autopay mobile application, mobile applications of leading banks in Poland as well as web services. Autopay services are aimed at individual and business customers, heavy and light vehicle drivers. Autopay's services support payments for tolls in various tolling systems, time-based (vignettes) and distance-based. Using Autopay, it is possible to make payments for highways in Poland operating in the videotolling model (AmberOne Autostrada A1 and A4 Stalexport Autostrada Malopolska ), in the geolocation model using geofencing technology (public highways in Poland operating in the eToll system), as well as automatic payments for vignettes in countries covered by the time-based tolling system. Autopay solution is used by more than 2 million drivers in Poland, including more than a hundred thousand corporate customers. Autopay Mobility is part of the Autopay Group, which for more than 20 years has been one of the leaders on the Polish market in the provision of financial services.



Emovis is part of Abertis Mobility Services, which is Abertis’ competence center for electronic toll collection. The company offers state-of-the-art toll-based mobility solutions in the United States, Latin America, UK, Europe and Asia. With over 700 employees across 10 countries, Emovis is a long-term and reliable partner for Road Authorities and Highway Concessionaires.
We offer a wide range of solutions and associated services that address a multitude of tolling and mobility challenges:
     - Vehicle detection systems (such as toll gantries)
     - Back-office systems (rating, enforcement/penalty management, billing/collection)
     - Operation services (toll charging, image review, customer service)

With over 40 years’ experience, we are a trusted partners to Authorities and Tolling agencies across the world.

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ViaPlus is a global mobility company in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market, specializing in revenue and services management solutions for the transportation industry. Our customer operations, data analytics, and full-featured single-account back office technology facilitate the high-volume transactions required for seamless multimodal mobility. As a VINCI Highways subsidiary, we are committed to technical innovation and to promoting a positive mobility experience for all.
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Being active for more than 60 years, Nivi S.p.A. is the leading Italian Debt Collection Agency that pioneered the collection of toll offences by providing its services to all the major Motorway’s Concession Holders in the Country, further attracting the interest of foreign Motorway Entities and always upholding the highest focus on Regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability, privacy enforcement and innovative IT development. Thanks to a capillary developed network of Partners individually selected on the merits of their knowledge in the sector, Nivi is capable to globally collect toll offences, even by starting from a simple license plate.

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ETIKA Consulting is an international project manager for strategic debt collection solutions. Based in Switzerland, the company has 5 own offices (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, USA) and manages a solid Network of Partners, covering more than 100 countries when it comes to addressing debtors locally. With more than 1000 people involved in global processes, ETIKA solves the complex collection challenges that companies in the mobility industry may experience. Starting with the consulting phase, analysis and studies tailor the right business model for each Client’s case and the centric coordination allows the optimisation of the operations worldwide. ETIKA Consulting reshapes debt collection by applying informatics systems and leveraging unique flexibility, making it smarter and more efficient.

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G.E.A. has become a recognized leading company in the activity of Toll Collection Systems over the past years.
Today, all French motorway companies use our equipment. More than 90% of the French toll lanes on the motorways operate G.E.A. systems and more than 12,000 G.E.A. lanes are in operation worldwide (38 countries).
Our portfolio covers the full range of solutions including fully automatic, free-flow and video tolling as well as GEA PARK installation.
G.E.A. has developed Electronic Toll Collection OBUs and antennas compliant with CEN DSRC standard and can integrate other RFID based equipment.

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Ecogest S.p.A. is a company owned by the Molinari family, owner of exclusive industrial know-how for over 50 years in the motorway green maintenance sector, is today a leading company in Italy and among the first in Europe. In addition to the activities managed directly, it is present in the North American market through its subsidiary Ecogest North America based in Canada and in Romania with Ecogest Servicerom.

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REBLOC combines more than 100 years of experience in the production of precast concrete elements with the latest innovations and concepts of modern vehicle restraint systems.
Since 2009 we have been developing, producing and marketing our EN1317-certified systems for traffic safety worldwide.

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Kapsch TrafficCom is a globally renowned provider of transportation solutions for sustainable mobility with successful projects in more than 50 countries. Innovative solutions in the application fields of tolling, tolling services, traffic management and demand management contribute to a healthy world without congestion.
With one-stop-shop solutions, the company covers the entire value chain of customers, from components to design and implementation to the operation of systems.

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VITRONIC’s core competence in the field of traffic technology is the monitoring of vehicles. Its toll solutions help to ensure that modern traffic infrastructures remain affordable in the long term. With over 30 years of know-how in traffic technology, VITRONIC is the ideal partner for toll operators and designs customized solutions internationally. For future mobility concepts, VITRONIC is working on optimizing traffic flow as well as increasing road safety for particularly vulnerable road users.

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UnipolTech is the Unipol Group company responsible for developing and providing insurance telematics services for the mobility ecosystem (+4Mln connected cars).
UnipolTech was the first operator to break the monopoly in the Italian e-toll market with UnipolMove (+500k OBUs).
UnipolMove services include payments to provide a fully safe, integrated and sustainable mobility experience to its customers.

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EFB Turkey, we represent TKH Security Solutions, Commend Intercom and offer Tattile and Flir ITS products to strategic projects.
Our solutions have been installed in more than 80 countries, with 17 offices worldwide. Our technology is designed in-house and manufactured in Europe.


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