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As cities develop more highways, the noise created by these highways have a greater negative impact on the quality of life of the residents of these cities. Reducing the noise surrounding these highways has emerged as an important issue.

Instead of using concrete, aluminum or acrylic, HATKO repurposes old tires to produce noise barriers to be installed along highways, tackling two issues at once.

Repurposing end of life tires not only creates a circular and sustainable product, but it is the only noise barrier that does not require maintenance. Also, unlike other noise barriers, HATKO barriers can be recycled back into brand new noise barriers, creating an endless loop in terms of product life cycle.

Finally, our NET ZERO line is equipped with discrete solar panels, providing solar energy for highway lights and road signs. Our noise barriers generates enough electricity to power one highway lighting fixture.

Using HATKO noise barriers to decrease the noise levels around the highways as well as provide renewable energy for highway lights, help make cities and human settlements safer and more sustainable.

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A global leader in Advanced Traffic Monitoring Systems (ATMS), Valerann is redefining modern mobility, roadway operations and roadway safety by empowering road traffic authorities to make actionable, accurate and timely data-driven decisions.

Using historical and real time data from all available data sources – roadside infrastructure, floating data, connected vehicles, social media, crowdsourcing applications and even satellites, Lanternn by Valerann™ (LbV) leverages sophisticated proprietary AI and computer vision algorithms to extract value from big data and delivers a comprehensive, easy to understand overview of real-time road traffic situation on a single pane of glass. In addition, the solution provides real-time accidents risk modelling.

Road traffic authorities in Europe, the US and Latin America use Lanternn by Valerann™ to improve their situational awareness for the entire road eco-system incl. main roads and arterials, reducing time required for detection and correct classification of road incidents to mitigate or prevent road accidents.

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Verra Mobility (NASDAQ: VRRM) is a leading provider of smart mobility technology solutions that make transportation safer, smarter and more connected. The company sits at the center of the mobility ecosystem, bringing together vehicles, hardware, software, data and people to enable safe, efficient solutions for customers globally. Verra Mobility’s transportation safety systems and parking management solutions protect lives, improve urban and motorway mobility and support healthier communities. The company also solves complex payment, utilization and compliance challenges for fleet owners and rental car companies. Headquartered in Arizona, Verra Mobility operates in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


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G.E.A. is a strong recognized leader for design, manufacturing and installation of Toll Collection Systems.
Today, more than 90% of the French toll lanes on the motorways operate G.E.A. systems and more than 28,000 G.E.A. lane equipment are in operation worldwide in 39 countries.
Our portfolio covers the full range of solutions including free-flow, video and fully automatic tolling installations as well as GEA PARK parking management systems.
G.E.A develops and produces Electronic Toll Collection OBUs and antennas compliant with CEN DSRC standard and can also integrate RFID based equipment in full turn key installations.

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Iris is an AI company that automates and modernizes road and asset maintenance, such as potholes and traffic signs—globally. We empower municipalities, states and concessionaires with innovation to monitor roads and asset defects to strengthen road safety, comply with legislation and improve efficiency.

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